Thursday, September 2, 2010

And so it is...

"But if for rain to heal, uncontrollably fill, the soil of eternity!" ~ S. Barnard

    Photo by Leslie Cates, all rights reserved.
While I still haven't decided how on earth I'm going to find the energy & time to commit to blogging, perhaps the catharsis it provides will be somewhat more of an incentive. I'm currently staring at study books and review materials, hoping that the next time I blink these things will have disappeared, haha.

Moving to Madisonville from Louisville to finish my medical training has honestly been one of the most surprising events for my family in a while. We absolutely love our little home that we're renting out in the country. It's amazing how much your mind can unwind simply by stepping outside, feeling a warm breeze brush across your face and breathing in the sunshine-enveloped scent of all the things growing and blooming right before your eyes. Even on days that are difficult, coming home to (what amounts in my mind) such serenity is almost healing. Truly God's glory and craftsmanship on display. We've also had the pleasure of sitting on our back porch and watching storm fronts roll in, bringing the soft falling rain that so easily seems to relax me. It seems to me that there's no more therapeutic of a sound as a soft falling summer rain -- it's almost like I can literally feel my mind unwind and relax, as if a cogwheel key was lessening its tension. There have also been a couple of instances where we have looked out our window to view a herd of deer crossing the road about 20 feet from our house (drivers, beware!), and I've always been a sucker for animal watching. Needless to say, this new house that God literally dropped in our lap has become so much more!

It's also fairly unbelievable to me how my time in Louisville literally flew past. It hasn't sunk in yet, I don't think, that that stage is complete and finished...all the checks have been marked. Also, realizing that the stage I'm in now (clinical training) lasts the same length of time boggles my mind...because by the end of this, I'm supposed to know how to be a physician -- terrifying as it is. I'm sure my classmates can relate.

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